Genealogical essays and informations

 Genealogical research - how do I begin ?
 Errors in Church Records and Address Books
 Marianne's short-lived youth - 1910 until 1914
 Genealogical Links
 Like some fun ? My grandpa ... that's me

 Archives in and around Stormarn, and State Archive (in German)
 Essay : office records complete church books (in German)
 People from Stormarn, named in witness records (in German)
from court records 1559 until 1612
 A visit at state archive of Hamburg (in German)
 A statute : In case of marriage pay fee for a penitentiary, 1730 (in German)
 How to build up a Town Family Book ? (in German)
 A sketch of church counties in Schleswig-Holstein
 Description of Eichede and vicinity, 1908 (in German)
 Description of Bargteheide and vicinity, 1908 (in German)
 Description of Bergstedt and vicinity, 1908 (in German)
 Description of Klein-Wesenberg and vicinity, 1908 (in German)
 My genealogical Literature (in German)

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Here you can learn Suetterlin - the "German handwriting"