Ahnentafel Genealogy in county Stormarn

The very first time here on these pages ?
Welcome to this homepage ! You will find ....
a) .... the proud of every ancestor researcher, of course, my own ancestor tables,
with branches Doerling, Stueber, Hauswirth, Schmidt, Ernst, Gosch, Lehmann, Hauschild, Lankau, Pilsen, Wussow, Wergowsky.
Most of these families were living in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg, but the families Wergowsky and Wussow were from Pommerania.

b) Additionally you'll find here a list of towns and villages, maps, addresses of archives, furthermore genealogical informations and Essays

c) Links to homepages of genealogical societys and some friends.

d) If you are interested, you can learn the old german hand, called Sütterlin-Schrift to study old letters or documents.

When bookmarking my page (thank you), it should be http://www.ahnenforschung-in-stormarn.de/, because names of subpages may change.
Many thanks for your visit and interest.

Liability , Helper

It is a hard work to read the entries of a book which is 300 or 400 years old. All persons which participate in this work, did their very best. But for reading or writing mistakes - or attachment to the wrong family we cannot give any liability. In case of doubt you better write to the county archive or church archive

We would be glad to get corrections or further informations.
Plaese write a mail to (please copy): or a letter to :
Peter Dörling, Mittelstr. 50, D - 22851 Norderstedt. Thanks.

Authors and Helpers :
Hans-Herbert Badstehn, Bad Oldesloe, Homepage www.badstehn.de
William Baljoehr, Hamburg
Dieter Begehr
Bernd Benthien, Hamburg
Andrea Bentschneider, Hamburg, Homepage www.bentschneider.de
Britta Bielfeldt, Kiel
Ulf Bollmann, Hamburg
Hellmut Braess, Hamburg (deceased)
Ingo Brockmann, Homepage www.ingobrockmann.de
Paul Hermann Buck, Bargteheide
Michael Conrad
Uwe Delfs, Kaltenkirchen
Peter Drygalla, Oststeinbek
Dr. Helmut Genaust, Welzheim
Susanne Grothe, Norderstedt
Uwe Henz, Norderstedt
Gabriele Hochheim, Hamburg
Ernst August Kasten, Bad Oldesloe (deceased)
Jürgen Kawalek, Kiel
Gustav Kolß, Hamburg (deceased)
Henning Koops, Lüneburg
Mattias Laage, Ulm
Joachim Lietz, Kiel
Joachim Memmert, Kiel (deceased)
Hans-Albert Neumann, Hamburg
Erich Nuppenau, Elmenhorst
Sabine Paap, Trittau Homepage www.paap.de.vu
Karin Pabst, Bad Schwartau
Inger Rasmussen, DK (früher Inger Gorny, Hamburg)
Klaus Riecken, Lüneburg, Homepage www.riecken-online.de
Ute Rossky, Hamburg
Angela Ryll, Grönwohld
Diedrich Sahlmann, Ruhstorf
Bruno Scharnberg, Trittau, Homepage http://ahnenforschung.scharnberg.de
Gerhard Schönfeld, Barsbüttel
Hellmut Siegert, Hamburg (deceased)
Gerda Singh, Glinde, Homepage www.hps4u.net/members/wittencramme/
Ramona Sötje, Barsbüttel
Harald Stache, Großhansdorf, Archivar des Kirchenkreises Stormarn (deceased)
Guido Weinberger, Homepage www.kastorfer-geschichte.de
Hans Peter Wuth, Hamburg-Finkenwerder, Homepage www.wuth.com
and many many other ancestor researchers which I want to say "THANK YOU".

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