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Landkreis Stormarn Kirchenkreis Stormarn
The federal state Schleswig-Holstein is divided into political counties, one of them is named Stormarn (blue).
The Nordelbische Kirche (= churches north of Elbe river) has parted Schleswig-Holstein into church counties (dioceses), one of them is also named Stormarn (red).
They dont have identical borders.
The church county Stormarn contains parts of Hamburg, but not the region around Bad Oldesloe, for this belongs to church county Segeberg (green).

To the church county Stormarn belongs following old, for ancestor researching most important churches (alphabetical) :
Ahrensburg, Bargteheide, Hamb.-Bergstedt, Hamb.-Bramfeld, Eichede, Hamb.-Rahlstedt, Reinbek, Hamb.-Sande-Lohbrügge, Hamb.-Schiffbek, Siek, Hamb.-(Kirch-)Steinbek, Tangstedt, Trittau, Hamb.-Wandsbek.

Additional now exist a lot of new churches :
Hamb.-Barsbüttel, Hamb.-Berne, Hamb.-Billstedt, Braak, Duvenstedt, Hamb.-Farmsen, Glinde, Großhansdorf, Hamb.-Großlohe, Hamb.-Hinschenfelde, Hoisbüttel, Hamb.-Horn, Hamb.-Jenfeld, Lemsahl-Mellingstedt, Lütjensee, Hamb.-Meiendorf, Hamb.-Mümmelmannsberg, Neuschönningstedt, Ohe, Hamb.-Öjendorf, Oldenfelde, Oststeinbek, Hamb.-Poppenbüttel, Hamb.-Sasel, Schmalenbeck, Schönningstedt, Stapelfeld, Hamb.-Steilshoop, Stellau, Hamb.-Tonndorf, Hamb.-Volksdorf, Hamb.-Wellingsbüttel, Wentorf, Wohldorf-Ohlstedt.

Our political county Stormarn has borders :
north to county Segeberg, east to county Herzogtum Lauenburg, west and south to Hansestadt Hamburg.
Topographie Stormarn     borders of parishes

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