Ancestor research in Stormarn County, ca. 1550 - 1900

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It is not feasible to copy entire files, as these are continuously being updated, supplemented, and expanded. Please use the family code numbers (in blue) for your correspondence, but not in your own files as a source. This numbers may change in the future, too.
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Viewers are welcome to copy information on single families for private purposes only, including publication on private personal web pages.

Please understand that I cannot help you in ancestor researching. I will better spend my time to optimize all the data files.
Here are addresses of archives or helpers : Who gives further informations ?

Attention, because of new division, most family numbers will change !
Weddings 1550 - 1699 = time 1       1700 - 1799 = time 2       1800 - 1900 = time 3
For example : SIE2-10010 change to SIE3-10010

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